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My Writing and Artwork

My creative side...

My work can be found at the following link:

Drink Drop Dream

Make my neighbor overwelmed.
Fascinate my father
remember my mother.
embrace my child.
repect my emotions.
caress my cheeck
curl up with me
believe, belong.
endure peace, love, and happines.
whispher to me.
hold my heart in your hand.
do not waste a moment.
be strong
have spirit,
be sweet
Love me
Laugh with me.
make music
sing a song.
grow your hair and get in a fight.



Exagerate, dream.
hope for something better.
Wish, wonder.
about anything and everything.
Whatever makes sense to you
don't care,
about what other people think,
or about anything at all.
worry about yourself
be care free
carry on laughter
and exchange smiles
think about life
not death
focus on what's happening now
and not whats going to happen.
watch a book,
not the T.V.
get lost in your mind
exagerate, dream.
there has to be something better.



I try
we all try
it hurts
some times.
To fail
as gental as art.
as quiet
as a winter night
nothing in sight
but the soft glow
the white
the blankness
it's so cold here
I have a heater
it helps
words are contageous.
They have definitions.
do you have definitions?
do you have words?
do you have voice?
can you hear?
your soul screaming
what does it say?
are you angry?
we all get angry
some times.
and say things
we shouldn't say
maybe their ment
to be heard
and angry is just an excuse
like everythnig else
an excuse
to write
these words.

Gena Veron

The boy is dead
the girl killed the bastard