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Give Peace A Chance!

Here's what I think...

My Philosophy

I hate war and littering.  I love my mother (mother nature, that is).  I don't believe in killing animals for any purpose.  I hate to see roadkill.  God was created by man.  I hate the government.  I wouldn't live in America if I wasn't born here, I'm planning on moving to Canada some day.  Life sucks then you die, oh well.  I hate pollution.  I hate George Bush.  I don't like to hear about the news because it's probably only the half truth and if I don't know about it I don't have to worry about it.  "America stands for Freedom, and if you think your free, Try walking into a deli and Urinating on the cheese."  I can't spell for shit.  The war in Iraq is not for Iraqi Freedom but for oil and the spread for democracy.  If we wanted the Iraqi's to be free we'd leave them the fuck alone.  There is no such thing as Fighting for Peace.  Make love not War.  War is the worst kind of pollution.  It kills people, plants, animals, and it ruins the enviorment.  Save the Rainforest!!!  Leave everything as it is, because man is slowling killing the next genorations and us.  "If man is allowed to destroy all he needs, he'll soon have to pay with his life for his greed."  Oh and I hate neighbors.


School shouldn't be so long and it shouldn't be manditory.  If people are so "free" let them make their own choices like if they want to go to school or not.  Freedom is so over-rated,  America might be better than other countries but it can be atleast everything people say it is.  It's still segregated, and people are not treated equally.  If I walked into a store with a Purse, and A church going god worshipping normal person walked into a store with a purse, they would make me leave my purse at the desk and let the other person walk around with the purse, because, to them, I look like the kind of person that would steal something.  but back to the subject.  School is murder.  Kids are brutal and pick on people.  Most teachers pick favorites and are unfair.  Basically school is just a death hole and I don't blame the kids that come to school with guns and kill everybody.

My Opinions on Sports

Sports are for mindless people who have nothing better to do with their lives than follow some stupid fucking GAME that isn't going to matter in ten years anyway.  "Oh did you see the steelers win that game last night"  "no fuckface I was actually doing something constructive, instead of rotting my brain out with a stupid GAME."  What's the deal with racing.  I think Racing is by far the most stupidest sport ever.  Wooh lets watch cars go around in a circle 524 times.  Some of the cars don't even have a chance because they start out last.  Tip: Do something like read a book or sleep for god sakes instead of rotting your brain on sports.

If you disagree or agree with me I'd love to hear your opinions.  So sign the guest book, IM me, or E-mail me. (information found on the contact me page)