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Here are my Friends yay Friends!!


^ Anj: My frist real friend, you made me believe in my self we had some mistakes but hey who hasn't?? For us to be friends from thrid grade i like a lifetime for me.. Remember braking down your door and having sword fights in your room before you moved and locking ourselves in you room too. Member the Ice Pigions and Rocko, i miss him alot and so do you.  And remember the deaf people that used to live next door hell we had so many good times.  I can't wait to have more.  Member Joey hutta, the dead song, PJ, Foot ball games, The movies, Furby games, All teh great times we had at kenedy park, Climbing up the rocks by brian's house, Rubert, Painting my door, Living across the street from the chinese  people, going to taht stupid dog show, going to cariassa's house and seein okseybobo.. hey we had some good times and so many more to come.. don't do anything stupid you have people who care for you in this world so don't mess it up, yo..


^ Francis:  Hey Homie, Keep in touch.  We've known each other for almost two years now wow.  and I've noticed something, when we fight (well I fight with you lol) We get over it.  Sorry for all the times I've made you feel like shit.  Have fun with your new girlfriends cause everytime I put one in here a different one comes up in your life. Take Care of yourself. Love you.


^ Megan: Oh god what to write... We practically live together it's weird waking up and not seeing your face first thing in the morning.  Never forget stealing stuff from everywhere, and then lieing about where we got it from.. Don't forget the old times even though some of them are ment to be forgotten about.  Just because you think I hate you, doesn't mean I do you dumb ass!  Stay the same and remember to always speak your mind even though I might screw that one up everyonce in a while...  Love you!


^ Jamie: Hey Girly, We've had some rough times in the past, but we can't dwell on it.  I laugh when I think about it now.  No hard feelings.  You're always a joy to talk to and I'm planning on coming over, one of these days.  School next year won't be the same if we don't have classes together.  I won't have anyone to share my anger with, or back me up when I flip out.  but we can learn German together and curse at people and scretly talk to each other.  Lots of Love - Gena


^ Sam: God I love you Sam!  You always make me laugh and have something intellegent to say.  Don't forget all the walks home from school and talking about foamy, and getting bugged by Demetri.  You can call, I'm usually home.  and I'll see you more often after school cause I'm going to be there everyday to see you guys.  Take Care of yourself !


^ Zuber: Hey belive it or not you are on my friends page. Your house is like my second home, You alway's give me rides home. Your alway's there to talk..And you can stop complaning im not your friend anymore, because I am so muahaldjfaf, see you around Zuber.


^ Joe: Hey home skillet what's up?  I thought it'd be nice to put you up here beacuse we've only known each other for what fucking two years now.  That's a pretty damn long time if you ask me.  Never give up on the good times haha as I quote the spice girls.  I never know what to say in these things so uh yeah see ya.


^ Krissy: Krissy!!  You're the greatest, I look forward to getting to know you better, and I'm going to try to stay over your house sometime this summer with Anj.  Even though you're probably never going to read this I'm still going to write it.  Good luck with Jesse, and your new baby.  Peace Love and Happiness!!


^ Abby: I remember you since first grade in Mrs. H's class the old lady.. ya member? and you would hit kayla with books.. that was some good times. your awesome and uh MY VALENTINE!!, I will always remember and never forget, bo bo banno and bo bo bagina... also never for get valentines day dance, runin people lives, play station, my b-day party,  just hanging out... don't forget being mean to francis with pj and sending people obsene e-mails.  Always remember everything we ever did.. Never for get you Valentine <3<3  AND OUR LITTLE HOUSE AT THE COMPLEX MUWHAHAHAHA.  Never think that I forget about you Abby!  I mean, how could I?


^ Meranda: FACE EATING TUMOR. You're such a blonde, Neighbor person..  I have fun hanging out with you! Come to my house and if I'm on the computer smack me, Ok? I'm glad we can have a normal conversation and trust each other.  Gonna see you in the high school next year, knock on my door to make sure I'm awake and ring my doorbell like crazy.  "Lil Frosted Mini Wheats"  Love ya!...


^ Christian: Hey you little faggot.  How's it hanging homie.

I love you guys!!