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My site W00t

Welcome Fuckers!!

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This is my site so I can put whatever the fuck I want on it right? BEWARE

I got realy bored so I figured I'd make a site, for the hell of it.  I'm going to post pictures and such.  Whoopie look out for your face.

I'm going to express myself on this site in the loudest way possible and if you have any negitive things to say please feel free to contact me. To do such you have to go to the "Contact Me" page.  Kind of obvious, huh.

I'll update this site when I feel like it, so make sure to check back.

What's New?

October 08, 2005- +Added Zuber to friends page
                           +Changed Meranda's picture
                           +Changed Abby's picture
                           +Changed Sam's picutre
August 24, 2005 - + Added Sam to friends page
                           + Added music to opinions page
                           + Changed Picture on home.
                           + Added Pictures to the About Me Page
June 24, 2005 - Everything at the moment.


It's better to have something to remember
than nothing to reget...

Take Care everyone.  Remember to wear sunblock to keep safe from the Sun's ultraviolet rays, don't littler, and don't pollute, keep your mother clean.